Stimergy designs and installs eco-responsible server rooms that improve your buildings' energy performance. We provide an energy efficiency system with a 1.06 PUE that divides by 2 the energy consumed by the server room as well as it also put to effective use the heat produced.


The digital boiler is a 2-in-1 energy efficiency system :
an eco-responsible server room an energy recovery system to improve your building's energy performance



Every kind of computing resources needs can be covered :

  • Collectivities' ERP
  • Open data & smart city application
  • Shared computing resources
  • Diplomas certification (blockchain) for educational institutions
  • Students' virtual office
  • Render farms
  • Dematerialization
  • Library catalogue

This eco-friendly water heating is also available for many other projects :

  • Swimming pools
  • Showers for gyms
  • Boarding schools and high schools
  • Nursing home care
  • Hospitals


These eco-responsible server rooms adress « Smart City » collectivities, higher education establishments, schools and high schools, medico-welfare establishments... that wish to develop their digital services.


  • Charges reduction
  • Installed directly in your boiler room
  • Secured : video monitoring, lockout device, access controlled by use of badges, VPN
  • No need to cool the room anymore
  • Profit from the territorial anchorage of your data

Be different : become an innovative player and increase your attractiveness