Our heat offer revolves around 2 axes :

Eco-neighbourhood, new buildings, smart buildings :
We sell an energy system that ensure you to save 9kWh/m²/year on the building's energy consumption, making the digital boiler one of the most efficient solution of energy recovery. 

Renovated buildings :
We sell a heat supply contract at a stable and competitive price, excluding subsidies, for 10 years, with an immediate reduction on the energy expenses of the building.


  • An energy recovery and low-carbon system
  • Reduction of energy costs on hot sanitary water for the client
  • A value stable in time for your property assets through a low-carbon system
  • Control and decrease of the residents' costs
  • An easy and compact (4m²) installation of the digital boiler directly in the boiler room of the building
  • An energy recovery production equipment according to the French energy transition law
  • The servers' heat warms the buildings' water all year round
  • A coverage up to 60% of the hot sanitary water needs of your building



Electricity supply ; maintenance (included in heat price) ; securing, video monitoring, access control using badges



  • A machine room consistent with boiler room regulations
  • Ventilation system
  • Access to the servers room controlled by badge
  • Soil resistance superior to 1T/m²
  • Water supply to connect our exchanger
  • Electricity supply through a dedicated delivery point