Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Why are not your datacentres more expensive than the biggest datacenters of today, which have important economies of scale thanks to the size of their installations?
Our innovation reduces our energy consumption and so our energy costs. What is more, by integrating the digital boiler in smart cities we benefit from reduced infrastructure costs.
2How do you ensure data disponibility ?
Your data is saved daily on several of our data servers. The multiplicity of centers hosting your data ensure this disponibility.
3How do you handle physical safety issues ?
All our datacenters are installed in secured rooms, with video surveillance and restricted access. Also, critical data is splitted, encrypted and distributed through our server rooms. Theft of one server would not threaten the confidentiality of your data.
4 What about the heat during summer ?
Housing uses less hot water during summers. By sizing our boilers based on the summer water consumption of the building, we do not produce any heat surplus and we recycle all the heat produced by our servers.
5Why do you produce hot water and not heating ?
In new housing, water heating is the first source of expense and energy consumption, which makes it a great challenge for the future of housing.What is more, hot water is used 365 days a year, which is not the case with heating, so the heat from the servers can be reused all year long.