Computing power as a renewable energy for a sustainable digital transition

With a 25 % data flows increase each year, datacentres and their energy consumption are major ecological challenges.
By reusing the produced energy for hot sanitary water for instance, Stimergy supports the emergence of a smart society where economic growth and respect for the environment can coexist without compromises.


The digital boiler is a datacentre made of ecoresponsible computing servers used for storage and data computing, for SME. These servers produce heat while operating, and this heat is then used by the boiler for the building it is in. These datacentres can be used by swimming pools, collective residential buildings…


crédits photo : Samuel Moraud




Thanks to our IT architecture distributed on sites separated by hundreds of kilometers (storage cluster and equipments redundancy in Grenoble, Paris, Nantes...) Stimergy is able to provide high disponibility services such as data backup and replication in the Cloud or even computing resources for 3D animation rendering. We aim to offer our clients resources they do not have, or that they wish to outsource, through the use of our ecoresponsible datacentres (1.06 PUE) all located on the French national territory.

Chaudière numérique

You can't do without them : datacentres are essential to run our information systems.
But these infrastructures consume a lot of energy, to get the servers running as well as the cooling system needed that represents by itself as much as 45% of the energy consumed.

By reusing the energy produced by its server rooms, Stimergy is using the best of both worlds.
The heat produced is used to heat the hot sanitary water of the buildings the boiler is set up in, reducing significantly the energy consumed by the building. And then, this produced energy being reused, there is no need anymore for a cooling system.


crédits photo : Valéry Joncheray / Nantes Métropole Habitat